[From Pi] Happy birthday, Yên Nhiên.


It’s that time of the year again – November. You know, I keep counting down the days to 7th and 12th ever since the beginning of November, which may actually sound silly since I wouldn’t get to do anything special for you on this day, when we are still miles apart. But at least I know that on this day, you are there, safe and sound, with the people you love by your side. And that’s enough. : )

For this November, I simply wish that you live for the present, dear. You are young, sexy, lovely, and you deserve to be truly happy more than anyone. Because happiness is there, you know – In your heart and soul. You don’t need to go all the way around the world to find it. Loneliness and sadness is there, too. But I know you are strong enough to overcome it. You are one of the strongest people I have ever met (and one of the most stubborn people too, but let’s not talk about that : P).

So, no matter what happens, “bounce back to life”, dear. Again and again, as you said. Say “bring it on” to whatever challenges that come your way. Keep that desire to “live every single moment” within your heart. I don’t know if you will be the happiest or most successfully person in this world, but I know that I’m proud of you. And that’s enough.

Miss you, dear. But smile, alright? And let’s hug when we meet again. After all, that day is not so far away. : )




One thought on “[From Pi] Happy birthday, Yên Nhiên.

  1. I actually was crying while talking to you the other day. I know there’s no use in doing this, but often these days, I wonder why things have to change, how it turns out so bad. It’s terribly difficult now for me to keep positive and good thoughts about people. Some days back, I couldn’t find any strength left in me, feared of facing the world. I doubted the good times I spent with people, the nice feelings I had. I was afraid I lose the ability to see the light within me, within them.

    But maybe, this is an essential part of growing up. I must not lose my hope and belief. Whatever which comes my way, I will welcome it with open arms. After all, it’s not about what comes, but about how I will react to it.

    Thank you for believe in me. You are one of the best encounters I’ve had in my life. You will see my smile and we will hug when we meet again. No doubt about that.

    >:D< :* : x %%-

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