Out of the blue.

When people ask me how I am these days, I would say I’m fine. There’s no hidden meaning nor irony in it. I’m fine.


On Sunday (20th), I went to visit Ngong. I haven’t met her for a while.

The day was cold. It has come to the point that, whenever the sun shines, it gets colder than usual.

frozen drops..

Ngong got a new cat, named it Bang Bang.

Băng Băng ❤

Bang Bang is very cute. I often forget it’s a male cat. Maybe I’m affected by its name? : D

Su Su :3

Su Su is fun as ever. She lost weight, but her loveliness was not, even one bit.

Being with these 2 cats reminded me how much I want to have a cat on my own. But well, again, you will need to wait for a while, my dear.

I was there from about 3p.m to 6p.m, tasting from one thing to another. The last one was croissant, baked by Ngong herself. It’s so strange that Ngong doesn’t gain weight (she cooks and bakes just as much as Nhung), and Kiet stays the same. Of course, it’s good. It’s just strange. : D

Because it was cold, they didn’t let me go back by myself. Kiet drove me to Full House. I stayed there for the evening.

On Monday (21st), I skipped both Mathematics class, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. I don’t know if this can count as an excuse (I don’t think it is), but my experience has always been that, it always turned out badly if I tried to go to school when I strongly didn’t want to. So that was it for the morning class. For the afternoon class, I decided to stay home to finish my Finnish exercise (with help of Mikko K.), while having my clothes washed, and talked to Hang. I honestly didn’t want to miss any more of Mathematics class, but I only have one self. And it’s enough of blaming myself for not having efficient time management.

Before dance class, I did something I don’t remember I ever had done before. I was wondering whether it would be a good thing to do, since I’m an outsider and supposedly not to interfere with insiders’ business. However, I felt heavy and it seemed to be the case for everyone, so I made the move. Later on, although nobody said anything about it, things started getting back to normal. We are happy and comfortable with each other again. So then, it doesn’t matter anymore whether it was me or any other reasons. It’s just… nicer to be sure it was me, that I was being helpful. : p

As usual, I practiced dance with Dean, then went to Finnish class, and finally spent my evening in Full House.

On Tuesday (22nd), I stayed home. I haven’t been spending much time for myself only. Even days ago when I deactivated my facebook and curled up in a corner, I was badly craving for emotional support. So now, I’m getting back to the state which I’m alone and feel fine about it. Better, feel good about it. It has been okay. I’m doing well.

I actually don’t remember much of what I did that day. Most notably must be I had all 3 meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner, at the right time. Later that day, I talked to Hang, Nekat, and Doina. When I went out, I put on mascara and blush to make me feel pretty. Walked straight, smiled, even sang on the way. I also went to sleep early.

On Wednesday (23rd), I had my last class of the Finnish course. 3 months passed by so fast. Each of us received a certificate (in both English and Finnish), which definitely feels nice.

Graduated from Finnish for Beginners 1 ~

After the class, we went to a restaurant to have some beers together. I didn’t drink beer though. It was raining outside, so it was much better inside with a cup of tea. Some random talks passed by. Nothing was particularly interesting, but nobody left. Not only because it was cozy. It was like, we just wanted to be there and have the feeling of being with each other for as long as we could. “This won’t come back”, I thought.

I was the first one to leave though. We had a plan to give the birthday present to Na, so I didn’t want to do anything that could affect it.

The plan was being changed a lot, even until the last minute. Other people bought the gift and handed it over to me to wrap it up. We were thinking of putting it at another person’s place to pick it up later, since it didn’t seem quite attractive to go back from Full House to my place uphill, take the gift, and go back to Full House again at 12:00a.m. The question was then whose place we should ask to put it at. We couldn’t find the answer for it, so the common washing room in the basement of Full House was chosen. We planned to put the gift there. Lam would pretend to walk me home as usual. We would come downstairs first, then Long and Phat would pretend they needed to hang the clothes. Normally, Na would want to come also. We would give her the present when she came to the room. (Dean was not in the plan since he would still be in Turku at that time).

What actually happened was, we didn’t put the gift to the washing room. Lam said he didn’t feel easy thinking about it. So, despite the effort to think about ways to avoid putting it at my place, we had to leave it there. At 11:30p.m, instead of just coming downstairs, Lam and I had to walk all the way uphill, then downhill back to Full House again. I stayed at the basement where the washing room is. Lam went upstairs to call people to come down. I still don’t know why I was nervous. I even dropped the card. It was at the same time when the elevator was going down, so it got me even more nervous. It turned out that Na didn’t come down since she was doing slides for a presentation. All of us (they already asked Na to come hanging clothes together, so Long and Phat had no choice but to come downstairs with Lam and joined me there) came up again, opened the door at exactly 00:00, and said Happy Birthday to Na while giving her the gift. I hope she’s happy. I don’t know about others, but it was the first time I did it for somebody’s birthday. All the walking back and forth, then going up and down, made it even more special. : D

On Thursday (24th), I stayed home almost the whole day. At around 4p.m, I went to supermarkets with Na. For some weird reasons I don’t remember what, I found myself ended up in Full House again. Na cooked chicken with tamarind sauce for all of us for dinner. After that, we played Uno, and recorded it. ^.^

Long & Phat. See how happy they are? XD

I didn’t have anything to do at school on Friday (25th), but I tagged along others to take pictures and record videos. Although I was tired of not having enough sleep, it was fun. I started in Service Marketing class, from recording Lam to take pictures of Long. Dean was there, too, but it didn’t appear quite clear. Then in the afternoon, Na and I went to the gym hall to record the guys playing football. It reminded me one time when I went to watch Nam Oliva playing football when we were in high school. I was not afraid back then, but this time I was afraid of the ball flying to the camera, and I shared the same fear with Na of the ball flying to our faces. Phat was nearly being cut off dinner since he shot the ball that flied almost to Na’s face. : D

Lam ^^

Phat ~

Long : D

Na took some photos also in the evening, but they are not to be released. :”)

I finally managed to get them to watch Dream High. At first, there were Na, Lam, and I. Then, Dean joined, since he saw some people dancing in the drama. Phat watched already, so he just passed by once in a while. Long also came, but he left after asking some questions and made us laugh for his usual innocence. I left Full House at around 1a.m, after watching ep 3. Na told me when we met that Lam watched one more episode after I left and two more today. I scolded him for not letting Na watch together with him, because initially I lent my external hard-drive for her to watch it, and because it would be much more fun to watch than to being told what happened in the drama. But I’m also happy that although Lam were not really enthusiastic in watching it before, it seems he enjoys it now. Dream High is charming. :”)


Life is good. : )


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