Step by step.

It’s Finland’s Independence Day. The snow started falling heavily at midnight. It was also when I chose the setting of having falling snow on my blog. It’s kind of funny to think about falling snow in the galaxy, but I made it anyway.

Na insisted me to go out to play with the snow with her, so I came to Full House and waited for her there. A hilarious moment was when I was at the door and Lam stood there with me. He chased away Long and Phat who were kind of staring at us. As an reaction, Long grabbed Phat in couple dancing position and slid away. I couldn’t help but burst out laughing! They were so cute!

Yrsa was with us when we went out. I couldn’t be sure whether she was scared or cold or excited. In any case, she was the main model of the “photo-shoot”. :”)

Bunny & bunny :3

Bunny & snowman : D

Bunny & Na ^^

Bunny & me :")

Hide & seek B-)

Warm. : )


I came home after that, did some exercises. The supermarkets were closed, so I didn’t buy anything new and just used ingredients I already had. For lunch, I cooked instant noodle with tomato and egg. Normally I would have salad, too. For dinner, I had fried chayote again, and soup of chicken and bamboo shoot. With rice, as usual. I had some crab sticks (surimi) as snack, but this one is the worst of three types I tried so I’m thinking of how I would be able to finish the whole box. Maybe I will make some roll sushi (maki), hopefully it helps. Ah yeah, then mandarin for dessert. Later on I will have yogurt and milk.

Although I was invisible on Y!M, Hang found me there and we talked. This time, not only she helped me with my swinging mood, but also in practical issue i.e. earning money. No matter how much I have been trying to be positive and happy and thankful for everything I currently have, it’s undeniable that my situation is bad. Nothing is good, yet I’m floating in no direction. Now, I really need to focus on what matters most to me and cut off whatever makes me uncomfortable.

My journey would be long and I don’t know what will happen. If you choose to join, I will make sure it will be enjoyable. If you don’t, just leave.


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