For some peace in mind.

It was like out-of-nowhere when Doina told me about the plan when we were chatting in the afternoon. Despite the upcoming exam (which is going to be tomorrow, to be exact), I said “Let’s do it. :”)”.

So Doina and Jani came all the way from Tampere to Valkeakoski to pick me up. It was a bit weird when Doina said they were waiting for me at the bus stop, which took me a while to think which one was it. I think it was the first time ever there’s somebody waiting for me there. Weird meet-up point.

When we got to Tampere, we went to Joulutori. It was the place where they set up the shops to sell Christmas-related things and serve Christmas-related services.

Joulutori. It was snowing. ❤

We went into a cottage (there’s a specific name for it, but I don’t remember) to have some glögi and gingerbread.  Grilled sausage was available, too, but we didn’t take it.

The place was very warm and cozy. Not only because of the fire in the middle, but also because of the chairs surround the room with fur mattresses on them. We could sit there, lean back to the wall, watch the fire, and enjoy eating and drinking whatever we bought. It was so comfortable that I thought I could just fall asleep right away.

Attractive from outside... inside.



After that, we went outside and walked around. There are many beautiful cute little things. I think all of them were hand-made.

Doina (she had snow on her hair XD) & Jani ~

Jani bought one bag of chestnut for each of us – Doina and I. The chestnut was yummy, and its heat warmed me up, especially my bare hands in the cold. :3

Amarillo was our place for dinner. Doina took a chicken dish and beer, Jani took an XXXL burger portion (which is big and beautiful! he he) and red wine, and I took fish and chips and… water :”).

Fish & chips @ Amarillo. It was good!

We went back to their place to watch Monsters, Inc.. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would (considering how old it is and how I had never watched it before). It was cute, funny, and touching. And I think the big part was that I had 2 lovely companions by my side.

They took me home after that. While we were in the car, Doina chose a Christmas album to play. I think the singer was Enya. It was soothing. I can close my eyes and still feel the atmosphere at that time. Invaluable.

I enjoyed the day a lot, thank you. It was an important and happy day to me. I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but I will move on, with brave.

> : D <


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