Last Fantasy.

IU started rising to fame since her album Good Day. I knew her back then. Just that, she didn’t quite stand out from other Korean cute girls of other idol groups. I thought she was no special.

My opinion was changed when I followed her steps in Dream High. I didn’t feel there’s fake in her cuteness at all. She really is like that, awkwardly cute. And she really can sing. Not only “well”, but “beautifully”. The more I get to know her, the more I like her a lot. Her unique voice. Her ability to sing live which sounds like studio version. Her effort to be everywhere, try doing everything, for her name to be known and remembered. That tiny little girl, I wonder from where she can get that much strength to give out.

After her new album Last Fantasy was released on 29 November, I listen to it continuously. Except for the last 3 tracks which are pretty much jazz (I don’t listen to jazz), the rest of the album totally captures my heart.

You & I (lead single/song number 4 in the album)

Click here for story version and eng. sub video.

Performance version (watch in HD + full screen is recommended)


Honestly, I was not into this song at first. I expected something more… spectacular, extraordinary. But it belongs to the music category which once I start listening more, I get addicted. I need to listen to it at least once per day, otherwise I will feel something is missing.

I think I must give credit to the performance version of this song, because it seems to be the click that got me. It’s pretty and eye-catching. The moving of the old clocks, the back-up dancers who don’t smile, fit well with the concept. The choreograph fits well with IU. It also matches with the lyrics. Additionally, this is a small point, but I love love love the combo of IU’s black dress and green shoes. I wish I could have them. =((

You & I shows IU’s unique style and charm.

Along with You & I, the promotion includes performances of other songs from the album.

Uncle (song number 6)

I can’t help smiling while watching this performance. Super cute, both of them. It’s a pity thinking how much practice they put into this, just to perform only once. The ending is funny though. I always think of “trăm phần trăm” – the phrase we usually say in Vietnamese when we want to drink alcohol bottom up – when I hear IU sing the last 3 words.

Child Searching For A Star (song number 3)

Wisdom Tooth (song number 7)

Teacher (song number 10)

This is greedy, but I want to see the performance of all the other songs in this album :”). Secret (song number 1) is the most favorite from people so it can be made as a single, and the rest (especially song number 2 Sleeping Prince of the Wood, song number 5 Wallpaper Design, song number 8 Everything’s Alright, and song number 9 Last Fantasy) would go along with the promotion. It must be nice, even just to think of.

rex_music on allkpop gave Last Fantasy 5/5. I give it 4.5/5, just because of personal preference.


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