There was a boy.

There was one time I knew a boy.

He had a funny way to dance, which I thought I would set his ringing tone to be “everyday I’m shuffling”.

He was taller than me, so when he put his hand on my head, I felt like a small little girl. I scolded him, asked how dare he did that, but I actually was not annoyed at all.

He once grabbed my hand to help me climb up a big big stone.

Him playing guitar was not particularly for me, but it gave me comfort. One time when I was drowned in sadness, I was sitting next to him, listened to him playing guitar. I thought, There are beautiful things like this. For a moment, the dramas which flushed over me like waves seemed faraway.

He used to hide function cards while playing Uno.

He was bright and he used to smile a lot. When I saw his smiles, I wanted to smile, too. Because of his cuteness and humor, he often made other people smile together with him.

I miss this boy.

I don’t know where he went to. I don’t know whether that place was more comfortable or not, but I badly want him to come back.




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