It was peaceful.

Lam, Na, and I went to supermarkets because it seems they will be closed tomorrow. When we got back, since both Na and I were hungry, Na fried some sausages which were much better than last time.

After Na cooked, we (Na, Long, Lam, and I) had poached salmon, fried egg + cabbage, and beetroot + carrot soup for dinner.

We played Uno a little bit, then we had pomelo before heading to watch Tangled. It was absolutely adorable, just like the previous times I watched it. Thanks a lot to Lam who patiently downloaded the HD version (more than 4GB) I provided.

When we finished Tangled, we did all kind of things like Lam and Long were divided the meats to put to the fridge, Na cleaned the stove, I heated up the milk (which gave me a burn when I took out the cup from the microwave. Luckily the milk was not spilled out. I need to find something to heal the burn tomorrow though.), Long cooked tapioca, Long and I were eating ice-cream and watching Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, Lam joined watching but with a book about Supply Chain Management in his hands, and Na joined too. (There were bursting-laugh times when Lam picked up the bunny and the story of Long with the toothbrushes, but let’s not talk about details.)

Honestly speaking, the drama was pretty daft, the characters were not good looking nor had attractive personalities. I wondered why it got so famous. I think we watched only episode 2, then decided to stop. I was the only person who wanted to continue.

There was something rather annoying after that. I got angry mostly at myself, because at some moments I did forget I should not ask anyone to do anything I could do on my own.

Then it passed. I continued watching the drama in Dean’s room (he’s not home) to not bother anyone’s sleep, and it has gotten better. I finished episode 4.

The evening felt peaceful and nice.

I’m learning to enjoy the present.

“Live every moment. Laugh every day. Love beyond words.” (Anonymous)

After all, life is too short to be miserable.


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