Out of the grey.

I didn’t have a straight sleep last night. I was worried. Together with a troubled stomach, I woke up at around 3a.m. I tried to sleep more until 6:15a.m to finally get out of bed.

But then I was quite relieved. I’ve lived in worries for a while, but this time it can become much worse. I was paralyzed the whole day yesterday. So when the source of relief came, I felt really happy.

I met Brian and Sven again for R&D course. I was sad when I heard Brian stopped teaching English in our campus, so it was nice to be in his class again. There were some arguments between some Finns and Sven, but I personally think it’s not Sven’s fault. He was unlucky to be the person to deliver the news. And I actually think the school made the decision with consideration of what’s best for the students anyway. Of course I understand why the Finn students behave the way they did, but I think it was a bit too far…

Change Management class was cancelled because Dawn was sick, so I went home early. Before I left school, I met Sven again when he was running down the stairs and I was preparing to get myself warm before stepping outside. He seemed to be in good mood actually. He made some fun gestures and told me he will make sure I graduate by Christmas. That made me smile.

My mood was a bit down in the afternoon. My friends will scold me badly if they know what I’m doing. It’s not like I’m any happier than they are about what I do, but I can’t seem to be able to detach myself. As a result, sadness is like a magnet, following me whenever wherever. I wonder what I can do to not be affected so easily…


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