You never know.

I got to know yesterday that a friend of mine who lived in Valkeakoski left the place and went abroad. For a couple of months, at least. It’s a good thing, of course. Don’t know why I feel as if an invisible but important piece of my life has disappeared.

It’s quite similar with the feeling when I knew Huang Shen moved to Rovaniemi for his work. We promised to have kebab together, but he left before we made it true.

Sometimes I like it when there was no official goodbye. It’s like, we will just go and meet again whenever. But sometimes, it occurs to me that it might very well be the last time we meet.  I always wonder whether I did enough for the relationship, whether I made it clear how nice of a person he/she was, whether they know how glad I am to have met them in my life.

No time nor point to regret. Keep this in mind. Live for the moment.


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