Something not quite serious.

We were talking about the final thesis. It came the question whether or not we could write about human resource if we don’t work in that department. I believe we don’t need to work there to write about human resource areas. It simply because you can write about people who work in your own department without requiring data from human resource. For example, I worked for GPD. I could write about people in GPD and how to motivate them. I don’t need to write about other departments, although it might be good to also gather information on how the externals can affect GPD internally.

I often find myself out of words. This time was not an exception. I hate myself for not being able to explain clearly and giving up easily on fighting for my opinions. Sadly, it happens frequently.

During those times, I wish I could feel somebody who would want to listen to me though. Patient enough to wait until I finish what I want to say, to not putting their opinions to my throat saying they understand but they don’t.

But then, sometimes I think about “Why so serious?”, and it calms me down immediately. Everyone is different.

And I think about what Hang said last time, that what she likes about me is the ability to do my things without being affected by anything else. I need to remember this. And remember to keep breathing.

: )

Oh, today I tried green eyeliner for my eyes. Love it. Maybe I would get one for myself soon. : D


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