While being sleepy…

Phat (for the first time) suggested watching In Time, which totally ruined my plan to go to bed early. I should have been quicker in arranging my stuffs while Lam was “setting up the-cinema”. I should have carried my bag to the door right away after playing Uno with Lam. I shouldn’t have taken a look at the screen. Unfortunately, I was “Ooh!” when I saw Justin Timberlake, which was the first sign. Then I saw Amanda Seyfried, and that’s it. I didn’t move anywhere else after that. No regret though. The movie was cute. We laughed a lot. Phat was particularly adorable during the supposed-to-be 18+ scenes :”). Long joined half-way and reminded us about his ability of not being able to follow sub but still jump in in the middle of the movie : D. I remember Na was sitting in her corner when we started watching, and she was right behind me when we finished. Good time. ^^

I slept quite late. Since I was already lack of sleep from the day before yesterday, I didn’t have much energy today. However, I managed to attend all the classes.

In R&D class, Brian and Antti made it so that the final thesis doesn’t seem as scary as before. They coordinated well with each other. The class was not heavy. Fun, even. (Lâm nói sau khi thấy hai thầy liên tục kẻ tung người hứng: “Hai ông này cũng ít có khùng lắm! Đúng là cặp đôi hoàn hảo!” :”))

This is not related, but Allen said I’m good-looking. It made me think back about the only time when we chatted on facebook very late at night. I suppose he doesn’t remember it at all considering how weird of a person he is (this is a compliment, by the way). Felt funny.

We had Change Management in the afternoon. I like the discussion, mostly because I felt we (one Fin, one French, and me) could discuss comfortably within the group. We all had our own opinions to contribute freely while the others were listening.

There are more to write about, but it’s inevitable that I’m going to be more lack of sleep than I already am. This is it for now.


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