Something close.

I thought I was getting sick this morning. I was tired, my head was heavy, and my throat was sore. However, when Doina came, I got better and enjoy the time. It’s probably because I didn’t pay attention to the tiredness anymore. And because Doina was there, of course.

While we were having lunch, we discussed about Korean music, Korean dramas, and Korean entertainment industry in general. It’s a whole different world to her. During the talk, just like Lam, she asked why I like Korean music when I don’t understand it. I told her I usually like the rhythm first, then I could always find for the lyrics. I forgot to tell her that, the reason simply is, it makes me happy. It has saved my soul uncountable times. Whenever I feel lazy, I look for videos of performances, and it rarely fails me. Looking at those people working so hard, bring out all of their energy, trying their best to survive in the entertainment life which requires the freshness all the time, it motivates me to work harder. Whenever I feel down, there will be songs which suit my mood with the kind of voice that bring peace to my mind. Some other times, I listen and watch just for the sake of entertaining. They are fun, they make me smile. That’s what Korean music means to me.

After Doina left back to Tampere, I went home, slept a bit more, and had sauna.

In FH, we had chicken noodle for dinner. After I washed the dishes, we played Uno. We talked and joked and laughed the whole time. I don’t remember any details anymore, but I remember I was happy. It reminded me of a couple of months ago. Not the same, but very close to it. In a way, it’s even better since everyone appears to be very cute to me now. How happy, happy, happy ~

Result of playing cards, couple of months ago. Photo taken by Na (I think. At least, it's from Na's camera :")).


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