“If you think it’s heavy, it will be heavy”.*

It was a long day.

There was no R&D class in the morning so we had only Change Management in the afternoon. We were divided to several different groups according to 3 colors: green, white, and blue. After each group had made their discussions, each same color would go to separate rooms to listen to other groups’ presentations of the same topic. We would then choose between ourselves which group to present in front of the whole class next week.

My group had Dung Dinh, Matti V., Filip, and I. It was a good thing that all of us read the case study, which helped in proceeding everything on time. All of us contributed to the discussion, so Dawn could be proud that her plan worked well : ). For some reason (maybe because I was the only girl in the group and I had the laptop), I was the group secretary who took notes and made the presentation file. I felt pretty comfortable the whole time, for both discussion and putting ideas together. Somehow, everything fell in places quite naturally. I enjoyed it.

We had the blue paper, so we went to the classroom in which there were other groups with the same color. Group 4 presented first. After 2 or 3 slides when it came to Kotlee seven steps or something which was out of nowhere:

Matt V.: Fancy!

A girl I don’t know her name: We choose you!

It was totally hilarious!

We were group 5 – the 2nd to present, and Matti V. kept reminding people: “Vote for group 4!” : D. Then came group 9 and 1.

At the end, I kind of felt our group presentation was the best one (later on, Lam also told me our group presentation had the best structure), but I didn’t vote for us. We agreed we would vote for other groups, because we would have to work on it more if we were going to be chosen :”). “Congratz” to us though, we were chosen. And Matti V. said if it was him to present, we could escape, hm! : D

Despite not having nearly anything to eat through the day, I still continued with the Finnish class. Jimmy was going to present today, so I couldn’t miss it. He talked about Ireland, which was out of topic (Teemu wants us to talk about Finland. He himself talked about the president election and ice-hockey for the first 2 classes.) but nice anyway. It’s not easy to find a topic to talk in Finnish in 5 minutes, so I guess it’s understandable for Jimmy to choose what he was comfortable with. And he made it well. I honestly think I cannot talk like he did about Vietnam in Finnish. What’s more? It was at least not about his normal day. We wrote it for the assignment at the end of the last course, then we talked about it at the beginning of this course, and last time a person (the French man, I don’t remember his name) made his presentation of that same topic. That was enough.

At around 9p.m, I finally had my meal. Lam scolded me badly. Well, but really, I’m not in any diet whatsoever and it was not my intention to skip eating. It just happened that way. I felt happy to be able to attend all the classes I needed to attend actually.

After that, we (Na, Long, Lam, and I) played Uno while Dean did his group presentation for Friday. At around 10, I went to wash the dishes. Dean, Na, and Lam came to the kitchen also to play with Yrsä – the bunny. Although I concentrated on washing the dishes, I knew clearly they had fun. Sometimes I feel bad for Yrsä, but I think its life would be boring without us. And the same goes for us, too. Yrsä puts more spices to our lives.

When the dishes was done, we continued playing Uno, this time with Dean but without Long. At around 11, I left. I hope Long and Lam will manage to wake up on time for class. It’s gonna be cold, and the bed is warm. : D


Yesterday, I told Linh that sometimes I’m fine. She asked, How about other times.

I was going to change the topic, then I answered her honestly.

I was drowned in the ocean of sadness. Nobody taught me how to swim out.

I woke up and the sadness flushed over me. Why am I so sad? Why am I so sad?

Then I think, I don’t want to die being so sad. I want to keep on living happily.

So I fake my smiles. Fake some more, and sometimes it’s real.

People don’t need to know how I am, except for those who really want to.


*Quote from Lam. It’s strange, when I come to think of it. The person who said it. And I. The person who takes things seriously. And I.


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