Had good time.

I stole Doina from Jani and brought her to Full House yesterday.

It was late when Doina and I came (thanks to all the confusion and the cold), so we (Doina, Dean, Na, Long, Lam, Phat, and I) had dinner right away. Lam was the chef because he is the master in poached salmon. Other than that, we had boiled cabbage which went really well with the sauce from the salmon dish. The soup was from the boiled cabbage and was added dried shrimp. I liked it, even more because I was having dinner with them. We laughed a lot. For some reason, I remember most about the part with “fish bone”, both when Na said it and when Lam was looking for the missing one. Ah, and the part when Lam and Phat fighting over the salmon skin, too. :”)

After that, we taught Doina how to play Uno (getting to know Full House tradition ~ :”)). She often got mixed up because she knew a similar game but with a bit different rule. Furthermore, she was tired. I hope she enjoyed it still.


1. Na: Be careful, your cards can be seen.

Doina: You can see my cards?

Na: No, him!

Doina (turned to Phat): Dude!!

: ))

2. Chi: Red! Uno!

Dean: Reverse.

Chi: Win!

Others to Dean: 8-} You sure you know how to play it?

: ))

3. Doina: *something, probably yellow*

Phat: *continued with the same color*

Lam: *change the color to blue*

Chi: Win!

Doina (turned to Na): He changed the color and he sits next to her! Isn’t it suspicious?

: ))

I felt so much loved while sitting between those 2 guys. :”) :”)

When Dean went to sleep and Long came out to replace him, I went to wash the dishes in the kitchen. I don’t know what happened next out there in the living room. I think at some point Long stopped (not very long after I left), so Lam came in to help me. Then Na started putting make-up on Doina as we agreed we could try it. Phat was having running nose so he made some tea.

Doina and Na were still doing the make-up when I finished. I was watching the TV and watching them doing it at the same time.

When they finished, then came the question of whether or not we should continue with watching the cartoon. We agreed beforehand to watch it, but it was past 11 already.

And Phat surprised all of us.

When the discussion was going on, Doina said she and I could stay over if they would come with us to my place so she could have her pyjamas for the night.

She was 100% sure nobody would agree to that.

Phat said he could do it.

Then they went on discussing about it.

I was so confused! I was like, “Did I hear it correctly? Are they talking about the thing I think they’re talking about?”.

I couldn’t really believe it until all of us who involved in the discussion (Doina, Na, Lam, Phat, and I) were on our way to my place. For real. On the winter street of somewhere under -20°C. 5 people – to pick up a bag. Phat was even still having his running nose. Unbelievable. But it was fun! : D

So we watched The Tale of Despereaux, because it was the deal : ). Although Lam was sleeping and skipping most of it (I still think it was not a good idea to lie down and watch it from the back – too convenient to not fall asleep : p), the rest of us (Doina, Na, and I) watched it from the beginning to the end. It was nice. I liked the most the part about hope. “Whenever you have hope, you’re never really anybody’s prisoner.”

To make place to sleep, Lam built up the tent for Doina and I. Doina was repeating about the fact that she was in Valkeakoski, sleeping in a tent, in a middle of a living room. Imagine that!

I also remember the moment before Doina and I got into the tent. I turned off the light. We were in the 7th floor. From where I stood, I could see the black shadow of everything in the room, with the tent to be the most noticeable. Outside, the moon was spreading its gentle and soft light through the vast sky, on the frozen snowy lake, on the faraway trees. My heart felt peace.

Although I was tired and I guess Doina was even more so, we talked. In a tent with a bunch of blankets to keep us warm (I had no idea Lam stored that many blankets), we talked about anything we could think of. It was not quite random, more like an intimate talk between close friends in a girls’ night that I like a lot. Then not only the blankets, but also the talks made me warm, from inside. : )

We talked until we felt it would be now time to sleep. I didn’t look at the clock, but it must be sometime after 3a.m.

It was difficult for me to fall asleep at first. I think I was overexcited about everything happened around me, the happy and warm and nice feeling which was flowing in me was a bit too much considering how miserable I was not long ago. Finally, the sleep came. Not a straight one, but it was still good.

I think Doina and I woke up at around the same time. Pretty relaxed, we talked a bit more until Na woke up. Then we did all kind of little things I don’t remember much any more. Folding the blankets, cleared up the tent. Morning routines. Coffee. Make-up, BB cream. Changing plans (me not going to Tampere, Dean not going to Hämeenlinna, Doina replacing me in the car, Doina not placing me in the car, Dean going to Tampere and replacing me in the car : D). Past 12p.m, I walked with Doina to the bus stop.

Although this magic came to an end, there will be other ones. We made a deal of camping outdoor in May. I look forward to that. : )


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