Meanwhile, in Sweden…

I’m lazy in following the stuffs like TV shows and contests. Firstly, I don’t have a TV. Secondly, I don’t get to watch TV much ever since I was a child. It leads to the third point, I often lose track of when comes what. So I find it fortunate when today I got to watch a part of Eurovision – the semi-final in Sweden. It was fun. I think I wouldn’t have enjoyed it that much if I hadn’t watched it with other people. We found all kind of weird stuffs in every single details which happened during the program: the guy who picked his nose, the guys who clapped each other’s hands like they were playing game, the guys who didn’t wear shoes, even the MCs who talked a whole lot on their own and could even sing. That was absolutely entertaining.

Well, but they do have good songs. I think our mutual favorite song would be Euphoria by Loreen. She was weird. Her style reminded me of Anggun with her single Snow On The Sahara. Anyway. Other than that, her voice was truly captivating. Love it.

The most funny song would be Sean den förste Banan by Sean Banan. Although I like this one, I think it should be only for fun. I hope Loreen will go further with Euphoria and make it big.


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