“Everybody is normal until you get to know them”.*

We had Organizational Development class in the afternoon. We were nearly late for it because of Long’s vague memory. Furthermore, on the way to school, while I was walking fast, Na said “You don’t need to try so hard, we’re late already”. So we slowed down and it then felt like a stroll :”). Anyway, fortunately, we were late for only about 3 minutes, so we didn’t need to wait outside until the break.

As usual, after Annaleena introduced us the theory part, we were given the assignment and divided to groups. Our group had 2 Finns, 2 Vietnamese (Na and I), and an exchange student I don’t know his name nor where he’s from. We had difficulty in understanding the question, even with the help of Annaleena. It didn’t help much despite the effort of Aisha trying to talk in Finnish with the hope of “unveiling the curtain to come to the light of realization”. Anyway, in the end, we kind of got to the closest we could with a 4-step plan based on “performance management perspectives”. It was actually fun during the discussion, especially when it came to the point “You have now noticed that the working atmosphere in your department is not good at all, people from previously different companies do not for example sit in the same table in the restaurants”. Guess what? We decided that in the “Reviewing/Coaching” stage, we would remove all the tables and leave only one in the restaurant, so people would have no choice but to sit together. And for “Development” stage? Get a new round table. :”) We actually said it out in front of the class. People even gave some more ideas to it, like the long table you could usually see in the bars, or “hamburgers on swing”… Seriously, who says Finnish people are boring?

Na and I practiced dance with Dean afterwards. We are now practicing Sweet Dream by Rainbow. I also wanted Shampoo by After School and You & I by IU. But I know Shampoo is way too difficult for me to handle, and You & I is too much for Dean to stand :”). It’s already an exception for him to instruct us a Korean song. And actually, Sweet Dream by Rainbow is already more difficult than it looks.

I skipped Finnish class today. I was hungry, tired, hadn’t done homework, hadn’t brought pens nor eraser with me. There was another reason but I wouldn’t want to talk about it. So I came to Full House with Na and Long.

I slept while they were playing games and cooking dinner. Then we had dinner with chicken noodle.

I was being a good girl, did what I was told without questioning anything, answered what I normally wouldn’t.

After washing the dishes, I played Uno (real cards) with Dean, Na, and Lam. We found the Uno online to be boring. They have different rules: no stealing the turn, no exchange the cards. What’s the fun in that? Bleh. > : p

Lam wanted to have “fried dough”. Dean made it before, but he didn’t remember much of it. Na had to search for the recipe.

Lam (told Na): Ask Dean! He made it last year!

Dean: Don’t remember! Haven’t made it for 10 years! (I think he meant he hasn’t made it in ages!)

Na: Lam, Dean said he hasn’t made it for 10 years! Who made it for you to eat last year?!

= ))

*The title is a quote I read from tumblr. I think it’s originally from John Ortberg.


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