Matti V. didn’t want to present (all of sudden, thanks to his visit to the dentist), so we (Dung Dinh, Filip, and I) had to present instead. It came as an unexpected incident aka. shock, just some minutes before the class started. Anyway, it was not too bad. I hadn’t presented in front of the class for a long time, so it was good practice. Fortunately, it was our presentation from the previous class, I went through with it from the beginning to the end, so I knew what I was talking about (I’m not sure about other people though…). My only problem was my voice. It got weaker gradually as I spoke. It happens when I try talking loudly longer than usual. This is also the reason why I think I might not be suitable to be a teacher.

Our group then was added one more member – Ville. He was not in the class last time. As a result, his name was added the word “bacon” in the assignment we handed to Dawn at the end of the class :”). No, I was just kidding. His name didn’t have the word “bacon” when we handed it to Dawn. But yes, it was there the whole time when we did the assignment. Fun stuff :”). Oh, we also complimented our presentation a lot in the assignment. We ourselves flattered it with all kind of words such as “the perfect presentation”. Matti V. typed it and no one told him to delete. Yep. I and the people I surrounded myself around with…

While being at school, I managed to finish some other stuffs, e.g. sending email to my Frendit group-mates, filling the survey from Jenna, filling again the thesis application for Sven, and returning books to the library. This is actually surprising to me, both because those simple tasks can take quite some pushes to do, and because I did them all in quite a short period of time. I would have been a good girl for the day if I went to either the Finnish class or the guidance workshop, but I didn’t go to any of them. I guess I need to push myself more…

I walked to Lempääläntie with Matti N., Lam, and Peace (a Chinese exchange student). Matti N. and I walked on the frozen lake. Honestly, I was nervous. The way the lake was frozen this year is different with last year, so I didn’t feel as safe. Well, I still did it. And I’m still here, writing. : )

Tomorrow is another day of no-morning-alarm-clock! Yay! : D


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