Then you know, another normal day passed.

I had my first “contact lesson” for the Frendit course today. Some of us prepared some servings (I made some bánh phồng tôm), while others prepared some presentations or performances. A Chinese girl showed us this video “Everything you need to know about China in 10 minutes” which is both fun and interesting to watch. Eleanor from Malawi gave a presentation about her country, and she sang 2 songs with “the guitarist” Michael. The first song was “I’m Yours”, and the second one was a song named “I Will Find You” she composed it herself. It was really really nice. I thought I should have recorded it. But then, maybe, some magics need to be experienced “live”.

After that, we were divided to 2 different groups to discuss about what we find weird in Finnish culture. Nea (our study advisor) was in my group. She has a good sense of humor. From her, I got to know things I didn’t know although I have been staying here for quite a while. She said you cannot get rich in Finland. She has a friend who earned a whole lot, but he has to pay taxes of 53% from his earnings. It would be the reason why people like gambling (for example from the machines in the supermarkets, lotto, etc.). Then she mentioned about the “small talks” Finnish people have. It’s the “competition of misery”. That was funny.

So, just like that, another day passed. I couldn’t care less about the Valentine craze. Some people were happy. Some people were making it their “forever alone” day. For me, it’s just another day of my life, with all its ups and downs as it could. But it added a bit more of happiness when I received the package I didn’t expect to receive on this day (it’s like a gift for myself, unexpectedly : ) ), or when I receive a sms wishing me Happy Valentine’s Day from a person I didn’t think of.

And I listened to Good Day (IU). ^^


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