Innocent kindness.

Long and Na : D playing happily with the new sled ~

We went to the center today and managed to do many things. Long finished what he needed to do in Sonera and Nordea. Na bought the tape for her eyelid and the thingy Dean asked her to buy for him (cigarette wrapping paper?). I bought the hand cream and cleaning paper for my laptop screen. We bought another sled so we wouldn’t need to borrow next time we go. Then we grabbed some other stuffs in the supermarkets. An useful day.

I saw our school nurse Minna in Vapaa Valinta, then Harri in his fancy car (I don’t know anything about cars, but that one was beautiful!) on our way to Lidl. I suppose it must be funny for him to see us with the sled while we were crossing the road. :”)

What I wanted to note the most today is I got my purse back. I forgot it in S market. And I got it back, with all the cash and cards inside. Nothing was lost. The lady from the S-market said she called me right away, because she thought I might get panicked and searched all over the place when I realized I couldn’t find the purse. Only when I was back to Full House talking to others, I was surprised that she knew my number to call. I didn’t have my number written anywhere on the stuffs in my purse. It was amazing.

So I was reminded again of the honesty Finnish people have, and the innocent kindness that goes together with it. Some things are meant to be changed, but I hope it’s not.


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