To the… island and back.*

So finally we went through the plan we made a couple of weeks ago: walking to the island on the frozen lake. Although it sounds boring, I actually enjoyed it. I liked the way we walked from an easy platform to the area the snow is so thick that we had to keep on moving, nonstop. I liked how the wind blew through us, brought along a flow of tiny little smooth snow which felt somehow so free. I liked it when we chose to eat cookies on the island instead of staying home at a warm place and eat. I liked it that I was sheltered from the wind when we were eating. I liked it even when I saw the surface of the ice under the snow, thinking “We are walking on a lake!” (I don’t think I will have the same excitement if I see it start cracking though… :”)). I may like doing things on my own a lot, but this is definitely something I would not do without friends.

me hugging a winter tree on the island. : ) *taken by Long using Na's camera

"We are the champion!" :") *taken by a woman passing by using Na's camera

We went to S-market then back to Full House. Relaxing time, it was.

*taken by Na.

I watched All the Real Girls, because of its poster (it felt so warm…) and Zooey Deschanel. It was special. Not enough to make to my list of favorite movies, but there were things about it that I like. Some conversations, some lines. And especially the beginning. Beautiful.

Na made 2 new dishes for us today for dinner. One was pomelo salad and the other was something I don’t remember the name (chicken + onion + potato). Both of them were very delicious. Writing like this makes me hungry again…

Then we played Uno, and continued watching  “Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils”. When I left, they were still watching.

We have another plan for tomorrow. Obviously, we have no sense of the exam on Monday.


*Idea for the title taken from the name of the song “To The Moon And Back“.


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