Laissez faire. : D

Because Doina seemed to be interested in sledding, I invited her to go with us yesterday. It was fun, except that I was cold and had to leave early. I wore the same clothes with last time, even warmer boots, but I felt cold already on the way there and it just got worse with time passing by. Doina was so worried that despite me saying “I’m fine” all over again, she was determined to drag me home after she felt me shivering when she hugged me. Although I wanted to stay longer (sledding is fun!), I was thankful. Anyway, I managed to go downhill with Lam twice. I nearly went with Dean, but he turned to the way downhill which had a curve in between the trees (and I heard it had a big rock in the middle of the road), so I jumped out. Naughty Dean!

I drank a warm cup of chamomile tea when Doina and I got to my place, so I regained my energy again. The funny incident was that, when it was nearly time Doina had to catch the bus, I was staring at the clock in my laptop, thinking I must be forgetting something! My mind was so in a blank yesterday. Of course, poor Doina had to stay with me an hour more. For my part, I didn’t regret very much. We had a good talk. Easy for a person who was already at home and didn’t have to catch a 45-minute bus to say.

*taken by Na. Doina said "We look like a group of super comandos ready to kick some a**" ^^

We (Na, Long, Lam, and I) had the Leadership exam today. Because I read the material only once and didn’t read even a word from the book, I could say it went okay for me. The questions were in a way that we didn’t have to bring straight out anything from the presentation Annaleena was using to teach us. Rather than that, we needed to understand and used our own ways to convince for our arguments.

Later in the afternoon, we (Na and I) practiced Sweet Dream with Dean. It was difficult. When I watched the clip, I really had no idea. The way they danced was so light, as if they didn’t have to put much effort to it at all. Seriously…

Na was planting some beansprouts. She harvested it today, made it to 2 dishes (fried with pork, and made soup with pineapple + tomato + shrimp). Delicious! She is planting some spring onions. We are looking forward to the result. : D


There was something that bugged me. I admit I can be oversensitive sometimes, but very often, my intuition is correct. I remember Doina said once something like “hope for the best, prepare for the worst”. That must be it for me now.

Oh this little Scorpio, why are you so weak and insecure? : )


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