Round and round and round.

I went out quite late today. Usually, I need 30 minutes to walk home. This time, there were 15 minutes left before the class started when I stepped out of the door. And it was Dawn’s class! When I reached school, there were several people waiting for the elevator when there was only 1 minute left. I was there with them at first, but then decided to run upstairs because it was taking forever for the elevator to come. It felt like I was in a movie or something, just without a person to chase after. The happy ending was I made it to the class in time. It came together with the fact that Dawn did let other people in after locked them out for a couple of minutes. She was exceptionally benevolent. She said we should forever remember it. : D

During the class, we formed new groups by ourselves. My group this time has 2 Finns (Netta & Jarno A.) and 2 Vietnamese (Dung Dinh & I). Although I did like my last group (we worked well with each other, we created the best outcome), it was kind of a relief to be in a new group. I mean, my previous group members, they didn’t come to class (all 4 of them!) and left me all alone :”(. They may do it again, who knows. :-S

The Salsa class today was not any less difficult than the Sweet Dream class on Monday. We (especially the girls) had to turn around so many times. It was dizzy. Turning as I was supposed to, then turning the other way to get the balance back. I didn’t even know whether I got the moves right. I also had problems of cooperating with my partner. I could only remember my steps as a girl, I cannot remember also his part as a guy who needs to lead. Probably he didn’t want to push me at any time although it might help me move. He was afraid of hurting me or something. And maybe he didn’t have much confidence in himself. So then I could tell him he’s not bad at all. ..


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