Not the same.

After a long while, I went to the bar again yesterday. Dean had a performance and I was determined to record it. I don’t want to admit this, but I didn’t do it very well. My lens is narrow so I couldn’t capture the whole stage. Moreover, it was too smokey. But well, as Antti said, “The floor was on FIRE!”. ^^

Dean performed with Anna this time. I like her dance. I was a bit disappointed because she changed a bit of her costume though. It’s good I watched their rehearsals.

I didn’t dance much, only went on the floor when somebody invited/dragged me out. Because of that, I had time to look around. Reminisced about the past, too. It somehow filled me with sadness.

However, the night was not a total failure for me. I did have fun, I did dance. When I dance, I don’t think much.

Change is constant, yep. Change about me. Change about things. Everything.


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