“they will all melt”…

I had a sad dream.

For how long I don’t remember, I’ve had many sad dreams.

It feels as if all the happiness I try to collect during the days still couldn’t make its way to replace the sadness that lingers through the nights.

I woke up. The tears started falling.

I wanted to call somebody to help me, save me. How much longer will I be like this?

But then all I did was sobbing, looking at the sunshine on the wall, telling myself it was just a dream. And I started a normal routine of a normal day.



One thought on ““they will all melt”…

  1. Wish I knew how to make that ‘someday,’ today. Or, at least to hear someone say that ‘someday’ was tomorrow…I cannot believe it takes so long for people like us…

    Well, let’s toast to “Someday.” May it come quickly and linger forever when it comes.

    PS: I had a bad dream last night as well. I didn’t cry but, it took a long time to get back to sleep…..

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