To note.

Hmmmm… After a day passed, I don’t remember much anymore. I remember something like I was feeling quite peaceful at some point. I think it was when I was at FH. Dean and Lam went to a hot pot party (I didn’t want to go because I’m pretty sure it was going to be much more spicy than I can handle), Phat was not home, so there were only Na, Long, and I. Na was cooking dinner for 3 of us while making some Vietnamese cakes (bánh tiêu, bánh bò). Long was washing the dishes. They were talking and joking and laughing. It was something in the air, some sort of good silence above of all the sounds. For a brief moment, my mind was light like feather.

Must think a bit to remember what happened next… Dean and Lam got home at around 9. Na and I played Uno with them. Then Dean went to sleep. The rest of us continued with playing the card game Lam learned from the hot pot party. It was not difficult to play. I could watch Did We Really Love at the same time with playing it. And we moved on to play Poker. We didn’t have the chips so we used the paper money from Monopoly (Vietnamese version). I didn’t know how to play, they taught me. I would say I still don’t know how to play. :”)

It was already late when we moved on to continue watching Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils, so we had the tent again in the middle of the living room when we started watching the second episode for the night. I’m not sure about the time when we went to sleep. It must be because we closed the door of the tent (hm, is it how I should call it?), it was warm. Not necessarily I slept well or woke up happier than the previous time because I didn’t, but at least it was warm.

We “harvested” the beansprout in the morning. It was such a work to remove the roots. And then we forgot to put it to the chicken porridge with quẩy in the evening! Oh well… They will be reserved for another delicious dish then.

I have the Food Hygiene test tomorrow. The thing is, I don’t know how to get to the place where they hold the test. I don’t want to waste money to get to Hämeenlinna and still miss it.


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