So, yeah, poker.

It must have started from Phat when he invited us to play poker on facebook. I didn’t join (I haven’t played any games on facebook for quite a long time already), but Lam and Na did. I thought the hype wouldn’t last long. I once talked about us playing poker with paper money from Monopoly, but it wasn’t very fun. Then Lam brought home the chip set borrowed from his billiard place.

I have to say I didn’t know how to play before that. Occasionally now, I still don’t know whether I have strong cards or not, when somebody wins over another person, especially when it comes to Ace cards. I don’t calculate the percentage of winning, I don’t guess the way others play. I’m quite well-known for playing without thinking :”). I was the first one to lose when I played for the first time (with chips, not the paper money) the day before. So, no words to explain how surprised I was when I won over all of them (Na, Long, Lam, and Phat). Later in the evening after Phat left home, I won two other rounds. I wouldn’t say it didn’t feel good :”), although it must be something that got to me : | or I paid the price for it sometime later : ). Well, I did watch a bit of a video clip of World Poker Tour (I think it’s the name) with Lam before that, but I don’t think it could help that much.

They even took pictures of me winning. That was fun actually. We had all kind of crazy ideas (for stuffs like outfits and positions) and laughed a lot. It was good time. : )

me :")

winning over Long :")

me -.-" (Na: You have to laugh more evilly!)

winning over Lam :")

he he :")

*All the photos in this post were taken by Na.


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