Wow. I didn’t know my blog reached 10 000 views. I know they mostly come from the post I wrote out of my interest (related to popular persons/things, e.g. Jen or the K-pendant) instead of the random stories of my life, but it’s still a number to be happy about. It used to not be something to be noticed because I used to receive much more views on my long-gone Yahoo 360° blog. It’s good for a change.

I haven’t been writing frequently. This is the period of time where I find myself struggling with desperation for money. Not something new, but it’s becoming more urgent than ever. Things have been changing and it’s not easy to be on my own. I will still try to keep writing about happy things though. It’s the main purpose of this blog after all.

What motivated me to write this blog entry was actually because Jen has updated a bunch of new stuffs on her blog as well as for her facebook page. It seems she has been doing what she loves, and that fact itself is inspiring. I need to not forget what I love to do and do it more often.

With the new blog entries on Jen’s blog, they came together with a bunch of new products. As I said, I have no money to think about purchasing anything unnecessary now, so it was good. What I find myself doing more often with beauty products these days is actually with the products I purchased before but only use them recently: eye-shadows. I kind of give up on eyeliners because none of them seems to work for me, but eye-shadow came as a surprise. It makes my eyes look bigger and deeper, naturally. Maybe one day I will write about how I do my daily make-up. Nothing to be proud of, just something simple and easy. I also realize that although I thought my way of doing make-up is the same because I really don’t have much time to play around with it, in fact it does change. Noting it down might be good, in case I find some old tricks useful later on.

It’s getting late. Lam and I watched Cold Mountain, his first time and my second time. I honestly didn’t remember much of it because I watched it too long ago. I just remembered I was like obsessed with how Ada (Nicole Kidman) was longing for Inman (Jude Law). I didn’t remember that Renée Zellweger and Natalie Portman were also starred in it neither. I couldn’t find my feelings for it back then, but it’s a great movie still.

Uhm. And especially the satisfaction that came while watching it. Something to remember.

It’s gonna be a busy weekend.


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