. Last Friday, Dean was choreographing a dance. He was so into it that he didn’t notice the song ended and the next song came. That next song was Goodbye Baby by Miss A (a Korean song). His face was like WTH 8-}. From the kitchen, Phat shouted out: “Yeah!”. : ))

. On Saturday, Na, Lam and I went for a walk because the weather was so nice.

*Photos were taken by either Na or Lam. Na’s camera.

. We watched Walk the Line yesterday. It’s about Johnny Cash’s life. *Warning: spoiler ahead*.

Honestly speaking, I was pretty annoyed with him. I don’t know how much of that was true, but he was portrayed as if he was a total jerk. He didn’t do anything right except for his music. And for that, I didn’t even like it when he messed up the stage. Only later on, when I was thinking about “some people need to be saved”, I kind of felt better for the overall experience with the movie.

Lam said it was the most touching part for him when J.R. proposed to June on stage. To me, the most beautiful part was when he woke up, cut out on pills, and he saw June’s face. It was soft, gentle, kind. It was a new fresh start.

Oh, and I liked this song. Too bad I couldn’t find the video that is extracted from the movie.

. It has been snowing the whole day. It’s nice to be indoor and look at it from the window, but not at all to go out. Car crashes. Delayed flights. No matter how much I like snow, I kind of want it to make way for summer to come.

Anyway, I had my good time at Full House. When I was washing the dishes, Na and Lam took the bunny to bath while Dean made her home back. She liked her old place and she had acted up aggressively for the past few days. It’s now back to her and she seemed happy. I’m happy, too, to feel us being at a warm place, doing things together. Nobody remembered about the snow that was still blowing with the wind outside. It felt cozy when I got back to my armchair, being all warmed up from the atmosphere, the yellow light, and the (fake) flower vase. How nice.

. Ah, I bought a flower pot. I like its calming smell.

Perhaps, it is also time.


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