“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”*

We didn’t do much during Easter. Most noticeable thing was to watch The Moon that Embraces the Sun. During Saturday night which we thought we would be able to finish it, Allen came as a surprise. He stayed overnight, which led to all of us going to kebab for lunch for the next day, as well as playing poker and the 7 game in the afternoon. It was fun, really, mostly because I won over him so many times in both games :”). I didn’t have anything against him. It was just very funny. I was extremely lucky for some reason. I was losing at first, so much that I thought I might be the 2nd person to leave the table. But then I started gaining. At some point, I had a pair of Aces three times in a row. If not because I had them already in my hands, I would have had one in my hand and another one on the table. Even when Allen and I both had King, Allen’s other card was 9 and mine was 2, I still won. The same was for the 7 game. I was in the verge of losing both times we played it, but I won over him in the end. He said he will take revenge this Saturday.

I had a chat with a person today and I felt somehow lighter afterwards. We are all hurting so much. If leaning on each other can help at all, it should be the way to do it.

Spring is here. Let all the lights and warmth come to your heart, too.

And seriously, please let me have a job.


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