Some more randomness.

. We finished watching The Moon that Embraces the Sun yesterday. In the end, I actually don’t remember much but 3 things: their childhood, the part when the King embraced the Queen, and what Yeon Woo said to the King: “My heart is already Your Majesty’s. What else is there for you to be anxious about?”. It’s a bit pity because I think there are things to be developed more and there are things to be cut off for the better. Anyway, I wouldn’t regret to watch it. I suppose my expectation was too high, that is all.

. I want to be the cat in this place:

Known from: cuntented

©: FvF

. Never liked Demi Lovato before, but this song kind of changes it.

. Will the flowers stay in the pot for long, very long? Almost all of them are now in full bloom. I just wonder whether I should plant them to the soil.

. Let’s go. Let’s go.


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