Would it be better…

So I cried again yesterday. Nothing new. I just can’t get used to it though. These puffy and dark-circled eyes. Smile-less face.

Maybe it was me who made an elephant out of an ant. Or maybe it was the feeling of being worthless, not being appreciated for anything. Maybe it was the word “cherish” that can never be attained.

“Every step that I take is another mistake to you”

Mikko K. said it’s not the question of how, it’s the question of what. “What is it that you really want?”.

I know the answer, all along. I simply don’t have enough courage to do it. And the way things are going is not helping.

Life is a matter of choices…

I felt small and fragile. I was so in need of surrounding myself with people who love me, appreciate me. I thought of my sister, my parents, and my friends. So I called Doina. We talked for about an hour.

In the end, I stopped crying.


While talking to Mi yesterday, Mi said she was also doing yoga. It reminded me of how much I love doing it. From the website she gave me, I found these two adorable yoga mats: Earth Elements and Apple Green with Chocolate Tote. No way of having any of them now, but they are officially put in my wishlist, ready to be in my hands the first second I have chance.

Hmmm… What could possibly be a reasonable substitute for now?


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