I had a dream last night. In that dream, everything was beautiful. The trees, the falling leaves, the flowers, the bridge. The colors were vivid. The space was vast and windy.

I was walking, smiling, taking pictures of myself. The camera had a reflecting screen so I could see how I would look in the photos before taking them. I looked pretty and happy.

Then I met a person. He looked through the photos. He saw another girl in the ones I randomly took of everything around, and asked me who she was.

It was really beautiful, the dream.

There was also another beautiful one I had not long ago. I dreamed of the tree out of my window. All its leaves were green, the kind of green that is pure, fresh, and full of vitality. The sun shined through. Its light were bright yellow, and strangely calm. The wind blew, shaping thousands of bokehs above my head. I was standing there, surrounded by the flowing fog. Totally in peace.

And sadness, too.


Doina and Mikko K. checked on my situation. I was getting better. Cried a bit today, too, but better is still better no matter how tiny it is.

My head is hurting more though. This must be crazy in this situation, but I’m seriously considering buying the yoga mat.


Hang has been trying to help me out, too. She virtually hugged me, and asked me to be happy. Because it’s May this month. For her, she said.

Maybe I will write soon about how I do my make-up.


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