Someone happy to have me…

It was, again, another dream.

Let’s not talk about the previous part because it’s related to the part I had many conflict feelings about. In the later part, there were 2 guys who liked me. For approximately 2 months already. They were brothers. We were all working for a play that was later on recorded. We had great time doing it together, finishing it, watching the result, and having a meal to celebrate in the end.

I passed by their home. Their mom was there, but she was not with us all the time. The younger brother went somewhere for some reason.

The older brother and I watched a movie together. At some point, the tiredness hit me because of all the work that was done during the day. I fell asleep.

He took a blanket to cover me, let aside my hair, and kissed on my forehead. I could still feel his gaze while he continued watching the movie. He was caressing my back while I sleep, too. It was comfortable and relaxing.

Maybe I was having a bad dream (dream in a dream!). My expression was sad and the tears started falling down.

He immediately came closer, gently pulled me into his arms. Whenever I sobbed, he held me tighter, but not any less gently.

His arms were firm. I felt protected and cared.

The younger brother came back. When he saw us, the older brother said, “I’m sorry. I think I have her now”. He himself and his voice were filled with happiness. I was precious to another person.


It was another beautiful dream, but I was sad when I woke up. I knew the reason why I was crying in that dream.

Back then I thought I could not be any sadder, could not shed any more tears. I just underestimated the various ways a person can make me feel so bad.


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