We had a farewell party today. Uno was the game so I could join. It was as if there were two sides: a side who always won, and a side who always lost (aka drinking a glass of beer every single time they lost). I’m in the win side together with Duong and Nhung. The other side included Huy, Dieu, and Phat. The win side only drank a bit when it came towards the end. It was very funny.

Then the guys played a football game, and us girls talked while making braids to Dieu’s hair. The finish touch was “Pajutie’s tradition”: updating each other’s facebook statuses. Totally crazy and silly and fun. Who knows when we will be able to do it again like that…

I started feeling down when I was walking home. The smell of summer reminded me of how beautiful it was to have friends around, especially the summer of two years ago. I wonder whether it’s worth it, to try so hard to simply be here alone.

It only got a bit better when I received a facebook message from Michael H. G.. He has been constantly checking up on me to see whether I’m okay. And very often, what he says makes me feel better.

Let’s try harder, and “chin up”.


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