Does it matter?

I went to the cat fair yesterday with Giao. I didn’t take as many photos as I thought I would. Way too many of them, and cuteness overload! Two women who are breeders said I can take a kitten if I want to. They gave me their contact details. I was wondering whether I could really take one (free of charge, I mean), because the one I like is Birma which is very expensive. I haven’t contacted them because I’m not even able to afford myself now, with what I can carry a cat on my back? But really, seriously…

It looks scary, but she was just only yawning 😀

Didn’t know it was soooo big!!!!

Not the type of cat I like, but the position they slept in was really adorable!

We went BBQ in the evening. The original plan is camping, but it was cancelled. It added up to a couple of things I was not quite happy about previously, so I went to the lake shore and sat there. Doina came, we talked. As a memory, it actually felt nice. The summer sunshine, the lake, the wind. And a person I could really call “friend”. We laughed, in the end.

The BBQ was fun. The bunny had fun, too (that’s what we all believe). Her fun stopped there when we started going back, but our fun still continued when we were home. We had blueberry cheesecake (with orange flavor!, made by Dean), pineapple (cooked by Na), and lotus tea. Jani had chance to try Vietnamese coffee. We would have played a round of poker, but it might drag on for long and it was getting late so we didn’t. Then there came a promise of them coming over to Full House then Doina can cook for us : D. Definitely worth looking forward to!

*I was not in the mood of taking photos, so all of these were taken by Na.

Yrsä & her throne ~

Dean, being extremely “phởn” XD

I didn’t do much today. I was sleepy the whole day, weirdly. All the dreams I had were sad. But the summer outside is still beautiful, and there was no reasons to be drowned in frowns.

flowers on the side road ~


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