2 days ago we went to the center.

pinkie kitty car! : D

hmm… I think it’s a apple tree with flowers : ) in the wind ~

colorful and bright in the sunshine ❤

At first they went to the vintage shop while I went to the unemployment office. Na also managed to book an appointment to cut her hair. Then we passed by Vapaa Valinta. I don’t remember what they bought. I myself didn’t buy anything. S-market is downstairs so we went there afterwards. It was decided then and there that we would have seafood hot pot for dinner. We played the game machines, too. Dean started it, and Na joined with excitement. Lam all the time told them to stop, but pushed the wrong button for them to play again : D. I was just watching. For the sole purpose of having fun, we did have it.

Since we were already in the center, we went with Lam to the billiard place. Lam played with a Finnish national pool champion (how cool!) while Dean, Na, and I played poker.

*All of these photos were taken by Na.

Lam receiving instructions from the Finnish national pool champion. Lam was wearing the T-shirt we gifted him for his birthday. : )

me shuffling the cards ^^

Dean being sleepy : D

As usual, we visited Lidl, small S and small K as well. As a result, we all went to sleep when we reached home :”). The cooking only started at around 9p.m. The hot pot was great! We all ate well, so well that neither Na nor I remembered to take pictures of it. ^^

Lam and I went to school the next day, to print out stuffs and to borrow books. I also enrolled for next term (couldn’t do it online for some weird reason) and took the student certificate. It was sunny. At some point, I took off the cardigan and wore only the short-sleeves T-shirt. Summer is really here.

After having lunch (+ watching funny clips with Dean and Na), I… went to sleep. When I woke up, Na and I took the bunny downstairs. We got the feeling that Yrsä seems to enjoy being outside a lot, so we decided to take it out everyday to the garden behind the building.

It was about half an hour. We were thinking of taking it home, but Dean shouted out from upstairs: “Why didn’t you call me to go with you?” : )). Who knows. He was sleeping when we went out.

Some other time passed. When three of us were thinking of going home (again!), Lam appeared. He was back from the billiard place. So we stayed there longer, of course.

It felt nice. Na sitting with the bunny on the grass. Dean was swinging in different ways and then fell off from it. Lam and I were sitting in the “captain’s swing” (like this but without the table). It was comfortable, relaxing, beautiful. I knew I would miss it even before it went away.

Then we went home (for real!), had dinner, had dessert (watermelon and later on apple pie). Dean and Na played zynga poker. Lam and I watched The Vow.

After that, I went with Lam to throw away the garbage, Lam showed me the bicycle room, and we hanged the clothes.

We were thinking of playing something together, but I guess everyone was kind of tired, so we all went to sleep.

At around 4:45a.m, Dean and I bid farewell to Lam, wished him a safe trip back home.

At around 3:30p.m, we received a new member to Full House during summer: Truc.

Life goes on. What can we do. : )


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