Don’t Act Countrified – ALi ft. JunHyung from Beast.

Biết ALi lâu rồi mà bây giờ mới biết cô í có bài này hay ghê. Thanks to you, Trúc!

Mấy giây cuối hơi bị nhảm, nhưng cả clip thì okie và đặc biệt là lời bài hát thì rất thích ❤


* Even if your heart is in pain, don’t cry
Even if you want to die, don’t die
If he wants to leave, just let him go
Even if you want to hold on, don’t

Breakups are always like this – at first, it really really hurts
The sky falls down, everything falls down – you don’t know what’s going on
Sometimes you’re so mad that you can’t sleep
Sometimes, you miss him so much that you can’t sleep
As you live like that, you forget him

Don’t do anything stupid, you pitiful person
The race is already over but why are you still running
If you do so, will that person’s heart ache?
Wouldn’t it be better to conspicuously be better off?
Separation after dating is natural – we all know it
But it’s really not easy to accept it
The fire is already out but it’s so hard to cool down this love

Did you still love me? Did you truly love me?
Don’t even try to find now – don’t even act curious – why are you being so tacky
The moment you turn back, you become strangers – a stranger with no relations
That is the cold relationship between a man and a woman

Love is when you feel like you will die but you quickly forget
If you want to compare, it’s like candy that’s stuck in your throat
When you taste it, it’s sweeter than anything
But if you swallow it by mistake, it hurts as if your heart has been blocked
It’s a start that’s not the end – let’s take a little break and make room for a new person
Two minus one is not zero but one – two minus one is not zero but one

You need to withstand in any way
You need to live in any way
Don’t even be resentful – don’t be tacky

*Lyrics: from popgasa


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