. Kind of tired of nonsense arguments. Why so serious? It doesn’t mean anything to be always right.

. Washed a bunch of dishes. Cleaned up the table and changed newspapers for cover. Washed the clothes and hanged them. Ate a lot. Feeling quite good, although the big task of arranging the room is still waiting to be done.

. Feeling distanced with a person. It will be fine when we meet again. But now, it’s like I can just die and she will just live on. Well, it’s a bit serious thinking like that. That’s what came to my mind though. Or maybe it doesn’t really matter. Being different in values and way of life, this is not the first time I experience it. Still haven’t been able to learn to not be sad…

. Don’t like the new After School maknae. Gradually losing interest in AS. It’s losing its original charm: sexy and fierce. Too many cute girl groups already, why making AS to be one of them? WTH is Pledis thinking?

. Growing interest in IU. Can even watch a video which is totally in Korean with no Eng sub just because she’s so adorably cute in it. Apart from her cuteness, she has other charms, too.

– What is the highest hill?

– I wrote barley hump.

– Barley hump?

– Yeah.

– Is there a reason?

– Poverty is hard to endure. My parents worked hard, so I lived a nice life. But there were times of difficulty. It made me realize that poverty distances even family members.

– What is the deepest thing?

– I also wrote the hearts of parents.

– Parents’ love.

– Yes.

– What is your favorite flower?

– Lily.

– What is the reason?

– It is unrivaled in scent. I would like to be unrivaled like the lily.

from Crown Princess Project – The Resurrection of The Royal Family.

– This is also a nice cover. Didn’t like it from the first time, but it becomes better and better the more I listen to it.

People come and go and walk away
but I’m not going anywhere
I’m not going anywhere…

. Let’s go to sleep early.


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