Some good, some bad.

So I changed the theme of this blog yesterday. Early morning today, to be exact. When I finally chose this, I was thinking Dean would definitely go “Ewwww!!!!” if he sees the totally pinkie page. It put a smile on my face. Wondering how he has been in Helsinki…

The sleep came weirdly. I guess it’s because of the strange sleeping rhythm I have been having. I didn’t sleep quite well.

At around 10a.m when I was still considering between waking up or continue sleeping, I received a phone call. They asked me to come for an interview in Tampere tomorrow, which came as a total surprise. It was the company that already hired me to deliver newspapers for the upcoming 2 weeks on behalf of Dung Dinh who is currently in Vietnam.  It seems natural for them to continue hiring me after that, but who knows. Maybe they didn’t notice I’m already in the system, and they would need people now instead of after 2 weeks. Well, let’s see.

Then I came to school to finish the internship papers for Long and Lam. Hopefully that was it. I don’t remember how many times I came to school for this purpose already. It’s nice to be outside and meet some familiar faces, but it’s not a nice feeling to have a task that is undone for too long. I tried my best, at least.

I sent an email I’d like to receive a reply. Soon. Usually I would send emails and don’t expect to receive any replies. It has become a habit after a while not receiving anything back. When I do receive something, it’s a bad feeling most of the time. This time is different. I want a reply, and I want it to be positive. It’s dangerous to have expectations, but I need it to solve the conflicts I have been having within myself for the last couple of days. …They say when a desire is strong enough, it comes true. Some things are not attainable though, right?

The bunny has been out at the balcony the whole day. Being afraid she would be cold and hungry, I carried her back to her place in the kitchen. But when I didn’t pay attention for a minute or two, she found her way back to the balcony. Naughty bunny! She must be sad because we stopped taking her to the garden downstairs. Not to blame us, because both Na and I are tired because of delivering newspapers, and Truc has been away to be with Dieu before Dieu comes back to Vietnam.

There’s another email I should write before a meeting tomorrow -.-“. It’s gonna be a busy day.


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