In a new way.

Today’s sky. ❤

I met with our school psychologist today. Her name is Katja. She is pretty, nice, and soft. Our talk lasted for about an hour. We agreed I should try these:

  • Find things I’m interested in doing, and do it often. I tried this several times before and it didn’t work, but this time I can concentrate more on beautiful things – the things that are bright and can lighten up my mood. Take picture of it and write about it.
  • People tend to do what they must do first, then it will come down to what they like to do. However, doing the must-dos will not generate more energy for me to do other things. It should be the other way around.
  • Since I’m already on track with writing, I can record on what I do during a day. After some time, look back on what I wrote and focus specially on what in particular makes me happy.
  • Have a regular rhythm of doing things, most notably in sleeping since I work in night time. I was suggested to sleep 4 hours before going to work, and 4 hours afterwards. Sleeping too much and sleeping too little are equally bad.
  • Create a space of my own. If the space around me stresses me out, I should have a space in which I’m totally comfortable. “A space that is “you””.
  • Do something everyday, anything. Lie down and rest whenever I’m tired won’t help. I will just want to rest more.

We will meet again when she’s back from her holiday at the beginning of August.

Then I went to the interview. I’m not quite sure how it went. I mean, if somebody asks how it was, I won’t know I should say it was good or it was bad. Honestly, after all the interviews I went through, the only one I knew immediately it was okay was GPD. We agreed when I should start right after the interview, so it was hard to not know. Anyway. As I expected, they didn’t know I’m already working for them on behalf of Dung Dinh. The person who interviewed me said I would continue it for now and we’ll see later on. There are more people coming for interview tomorrow.

On the way back, in the bus, I saw a person who had a T-shirt with the line “Fat & Happy” printed on his T-shirt. That was fun.

When I got home, Truc asked me to go with her to Nhung’s place, but I was tired so I didn’t. After gaining some energy by eating a big bowl of rice + spring roll + salmon light soup, Na and I brought the bunny to the garden downstairs. I took this picture there:

I wanted to take a picture of the red swings in the sunshine while it’s raining, but I could only get this with Na’s help:

Fun fun fun, taking pictures by webcam from laptop. : D

Okay, that’s it. Need to go to sleep now.


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