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I changed my theme again today. I don’t know how I could come up with doing it and how it turned out to be like this, but it happened anyway (which is actually not bad). The header image is an photo of myself which was taken last year at the beginning of October by Na. The background image is rose (pink + green) in vintage style. They don’t necessary match with each other though, as long as I see my signature in it.

Another day passed and I’m still not able to lift up my mood yet. What was fun was surprisingly when I delivered the newspapers with Na at the beginning of the day. It was after the rain. The wind blew horribly strongly outside while the two of us were preparing to go out. When we were going to do that “important mission”, Truc was preparing to… eat matcha chiffon and drink tea. Isn’t it nice? :-S : P

Na was so cold that she tended to just stand and then mix up stuffs (giving me either more or less papers than needed). She was in “power-save mode”, she said. I was all the time “Na!!!! ~~~~” in a hilarious way to tease her :”) :-” and also to wake her up. That was fun.

There was a person who did the job on behalf of the woman we usually saw on other days (it must be one of her two days off work today). He finished his first round so early that the car which delivered newspapers for the second round hadn’t come yet. He waited for the car for a while, then he left. When we came back to the newspapers box for our second round, his newspapers were still there, waiting for him. Conclusion: no need to try so hard. Even if you are finish early for the first round, it doesn’t mean you are the winner in the end :”). JK. There’s no competition between us at all. We’re all very friendly towards each other. : )

The other person was a guy we usually meet, just like meeting the woman. We met him when we started our second round and he started his first round. I met him again when we finished and he started his second round. I smiled and said hi to him, but his smile back seemed awkward (he is awkward almost all the time, but still…). I hope he didn’t think I was mocking him or something : D. Oh, and because I was just saying hi to him, I forgot to look at the newspapers box to see whether the other guy took his newspapers away or not. : D

There was a mistake at the beginning. We didn’t have one DEM for the first area, so I had to deliver it after receiving it from the second round. So an extra cycling uphill to me : D. Na and I both remember the house which ordered it has quite a big (and cute drawings on it!) mailbox, and we joked they had it specially for taking DEM. If you know how thin the DEM is, you will know what kind of fun we had. ^^

Another fun time was when I watched Gentleman’s Dignity with Na and Truc. I normally wouldn’t want to watch a drama which hasn’t finished yet (hate the waiting!). Furthermore, I jumped in in the middle of it when I didn’t have any idea what was going on. It normally causes me confusion and it is also the reason why I always want to watch a drama from the very beginning. This is my first exception. I have a clear idea of watching it again when it finishes. I heard it has the same screenwriter with Secret Garden. It must be one important contribution to the greatness of the drama.

Then we had maki (rolled sushi) with avocado and fish (this is very general, but I honestly have no idea what fish they put in) as the fillings. I was surprised when Na and Truc both said they were full, and they were both surprised when I said I didn’t feel like I had eaten anything! Why am I so thin, really?

We are in our two days off work, but it shouldn’t be this late to go to sleep…

Let’s hope for a straight sleep and nice dreams. : )


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