It has been sunny for the last 2 days. Since I don’t go out (I’m limiting any chance of spending money), I like to stand on the balcony, at the only opened glass window, close my eyes, and let the wind blow through my hair. It’s quite relaxing. Sometimes I like to look up at the sky, watch the clouds flying by. When I kind of forget I stand on a balcony  of a 7th floor and only feel the green trees somewhere under me while looking up at the clouds in the sky flying towards me, it’s pretty amazing.

The bunny is usually there before I am. I forget her most of the time, but she’s very cute whenever I look at her, see her falling asleep or going from a fur ball to a tube in seconds. Sometimes she plays with the handle of a paint bucket when she thinks no one is around. She flaps it up and down. It obviously makes noise for all of us to notice, but she doesn’t seem to know. Super cute.

Na took her to a shower today, then I helped Na to dry her with a hairdryer. She didn’t like it at all, tried to jump everywhere to get out of our hands. And now she wants to go to the balcony again, but it’s late already so she will need to wait until tomorrow.

Or maybe she should go to sleep like I’m going to do. Then when she opens her eyes, it will be another brand new day, which can very well be happier. No shower, for example.

Fur ball.


Wash face after waking up from sleeping.



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