Getting there.

I have been trying to go to sleep early and wake up early, too. The target for sleeping time is from 10p.m to 6a.m. There will be a morning walk everyday. I may also be back to running.

I bought 3 kind of seeds: Money Does Grow on Trees, Get Well Soon, and Cat Lover. After much anxiety, I’m now watching them grow. From where I sit on bed, I can see the tiny green leaves from Get Well Soon (chamomile) and Cat Lover (cat grass – still have no idea how it will turn out. What would be different from normal grass with cat grass?). I talk to them sometimes, wish for healthy grow-ups.

My mind has been okay. I was sad when Truc moved away. I stayed over at her place once (we had so much sushi with the fillings of shrimp, egg, avocado, and cucumber, that Truc said she would not having sushi for the whole next year), then I think she might prefer being on her own and concentrating on her final thesis. That was why I haven’t been there again. Anyway, there are things I need to work on on my own, too. They are good reasons for me to pick myself up.

When the time came, I just knew. All the thinking and the feeling I told myself uncountable times before, at some point I just learned to accept it. I haven’t been able to let everything go yet, but I’m getting there. I’m getting there.

nature. morning walk.


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