2 week old. <3

Cat grass & Chamomile & “Money does grow on trees” ❤

This is my chamomile pot. Although it was the 2nd to be planted after I bought the seeds, it was the first one to grow. Today is actually the day that marks 2 week old for “money does grow on trees”, but its seed’s just grown very little (of course! Money doesn’t like me very much. : p). It won’t appear as anything if I take the picture now. Therefore, I decided to take picture of the 2nd-planted pot. Tomorrow this chamomile will officially be 2 week old. And while taking the pictures, I did think they do resemble ice-cream cups like Truc remarked. Hmm!! : D

I finished watching the last episode of A Gentleman’s Dignity today. It was great! When it got to the end of ep 17, Truc and I were wondering how come there would be 3 more episodes because things seemed to settle down well. But it turned out really cute and worth it! AAAA~~~~ Still happy thinking back about it now. :”)

Let’s go to sleep early yayaya ~


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