I went to Karjaa yesterday just to take a look at how Lärkkulla is. Lärkkulla is a private school which provides a full-time Finnish course which I’d like to take. It’s located in Karjaa, a Swedish-speaking part of Finland. In order to get there, I had to take 2 buses in total of about 4 hours, and the same went for the way back. I was exhausted when I got home.

Whenever the Express Bus comes to this bridge, I always know we are coming to Valkeakoski and I will soon be at home.

So it’s decided. I’m going to move there. The school didn’t seem to be very new, but it’s tidy and neat. The courses sounded right for me, and the quality may very well be good. Not a bad place at all to start anew.

It is a big decision to leave Valkeakoski where I have lived 5 years ever since I came to Finland. It has really become my second home. Although I know I will come back here once I finish with the course there in Karjaa, I can’t help but already miss Valkeakoski a whole lot.

I miss it so much I start going around, just to feel me being in Valkeakoski more and more. I went to Koskikara in the center, visited Seppälä because last time I was too upset to buy the things I want to (this time I bought some undergarments for which I got 3 paid 2, and a dress which cost 3€ while the original price was about 18€), then Tiimari and Vapaa Valinta. I met Dawn in Seppälä actually. Her sore-throat seemed to go away completely, and she was as happy as she could. She said she was going to try some dresses on, and buy a bottle of wine. It’s Friday : ). She might be the only teacher I meet before I go.

Outside of the fabric/curtain store in Koskikara. The flower which held the curtain was so cute and pretty.

When I got back home, I brought the bunny downstairs. I let her run around for about an hour while lying on the grass once in a while. This is the life I will not forget.


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