Some farewells.

I had another appointment with my school psychologist Katja yesterday. By meeting with her approximately once per month (also writing to her before the meeting), the process of my life appears clearer to me than before. It feels like Daddy Long Legs story.

Our talk lasted longer than any of the ones before. She gave me some suggestions on how to handle my overload belongings (e.g. donate, sell at flee market/second-hand shops, send by post, ask friends to bring when they come visit, also on where to find boxes) as well as on my well-being when I’m at a new place (e.g. being open-minded, continue with taking photos and writing, and reading Finnish books). Actually, her usual way is to ask me wise questions and let me find the answers myself. She never pushed me to any specific direction, but rather opening up more possibilities for me to choose which one is best. It reminds me of my mentor some time ago. The different is Katja follows me along the way instead of focusing on a single aspect. In any cases, both of them helped me greatly.

I felt much better when our conversation reached to the end. She wished me good luck with this new journey. Before I asked, she said it’s also okay to write her emails once in a while. : )

In the evening, we (me, Truc, Mi, Rose, and Lucas) had the farewell party for me. It was weird. I was used to being a part of farewell parties for other people, but it was never me who went away. I didn’t know it would come so soon. I was afraid of being left behind, but now I’m going ahead. It’s sad either way.

Anyway, we had great fun. At least I did. At first, Truc, Mi, and I, went to sauna. Then Truc and I went to Pajutie’s storage because Phat couldn’t find his way there. Unexpectedly luckily, I found an empty storage without key, which fits my purpose perfectly at the moment. It lessened my worries a lot. For a little while, it will be my own place. There should be enough space.

For dinner, Rose was the main cook (as usual) and she made lagu chicken (she didn’t use this recipe, but anyway, this is for displaying). They played Tien len and then moved on to Uno so I could also join. When Lucas washed the dishes, the girls went for a walk. It was fun. The sunset was gorgeous.

Thank you, sweeties.
Photo taken by Lucas.

I will remember how warm it feels, to be under your protection and care.

I stayed over at Truc and Mi’s place. Didn’t know why it was difficult for the sleep to come to all three of us. Maybe because we had too much fun previously?

I’m going to watch Brave 3D with Doina and Jani in Tampere today.

Today, tomorrow, the day after… Not much time left.


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