A new journey starts.

I came to Karjaa yesterday evening. When I was in the bus looking at the trees turning yellow outside the windows, I thought about this time last year and how much things have changed. Well, life goes on.

It was raining when we got near to Karjaa. Then the city welcomed me with a rainbow, just like how Finland welcomed me 5 years ago when I first stepped on this land. Doina said it’s a sign of peace. That’s exactly what I need.

Talking to Dean and Doina helped a lot, because I was lonely and I missed Valkeakoski. Ah, and what the Russian girl named Effy said helped, too. “I like her. She’s pretty. And I like her name”.

The first day passed by smoothly. I had an orientation day with info and guidelines provided, as well as a tour around the school and an official opening ceremony. I made some new friends, noticeably a Russian girl named Daria (she’s pretty!), a Finnish (who speaks Swedish) girl named Sofia, a Vietnamese (yay!) guy named Khoa, and a Cuban guy named Erik who looks like Bruno Mars. Since Sofia lives in Karjaa, she guided me around the city. With her help, I managed to get a student support application form from Kela, make a library card, and get to know the locations of some other places like Nordea, police station, second-hand shop, health care center, pharmacy, etc. She also helps me looking for jobs. We are now thinking about me applying for delivering a kind of newspaper that is on Thursday and Sunday evenings in Karjaa. Let’s see how it goes.

I visited her house, too. It’s a cute green (!) house near school. She has 2 dogs (friendly to the point that they jumped up on me and wanted to kiss me as if I’m their owner!) and a rabbit (reminds me of the bunny in Full House). Very lovely.

In the yard at Sofia’s house. Looks like a chair in a park, that appears in a movie. : D

The only annoying thing is the Internet connection. It’s difficult to get in, and I get kicked out after every minute. Even if I manage to use it, it’s horribly slow. Hopefully it will get better soon when I don’t need to use the guest connection anymore.

And I miss the food I used to cook, too…

Well well, stop looking back, okay?


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