Chain of stars – we are.

Today, we were introduced about music studies and the town of Raasepori. I’m not sure yet because I still need to ask Teddy if it’s possible, but I want to study piano (I suddenly noticed there are so many pianos around). Then having a course of yoga would be nice (I need some brochures from Jussi on this). There are things to do here and it’s good to take the chance. I mean, why not?

We had a level test to see which group we belong to. To my surprise, during coffee time, Jussi informed me ahead that I will be in continuous Finnish. I thought I would definitely go to Finnish for beginners! I know two persons who will for sure going to continuous class, and they both know much more than I do. I’m worried. :”(

After lunch, we have time for team building. Both music students and language students came and played games together. It was fun! Untying the knots, instructions to the blindfolded, answering questions that were put around the school (reminds me of Running Man), figuring out the missing words (in the end, the complete sentence is “Lärkkulla is about friendship, knowledge, and growth”), and reaching hands + not let go + forming a big circle. I got to know some more people (one of them looked a lot like a person who studied with me in secondary school. I felt he looked familiar previously, now I remember who he looks like!), and I realized there are things I thought I’m not good at but I’m actually not that bad. : )

I went to my room for a bit, then I took my camera out to take some pictures since I hadn’t taken anything at that time. When I came back, the Latvian guy (I don’t remember his name -.-) asked me if I want to play frisbee with him and John. I have time to write in the evening so I went with them.

Some more people joined us when we were playing. After a while, we changed to volley ball. I was horrible at both of them. But well, it was better than just staying inside the room, and we had some laughs.

So far, so good. We will start the lessons tomorrow, so I better have a goodnight sleep.

Chain of stars – we are.


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