A good day to get it going.

We had the first Finnish lesson today. Jussi was not joking. I was indeed put into continuous class (jatkosuomi). Not to my surprise, I didn’t perform very well. I’m best at listening and reading Finnish, but not to the point I can understand everything. I don’t have enough vocabulary to talk and write. There are more people in this class than I thought, and most of them (if not all) are better than I am. Well, it only means I need to try more. : )

There are 2 new Vietnamese students coming today. Together with Khoa, I showed them around the school. I don’t think it was all they need to know. It took us who came earlier more than 2 days to get to know the school, the staffs, the other students, as well as some rules and regulations. But it will get better in time.

I also made an appointment with a music student named Patricia for me to learn piano. We will meet next Wednesday and see how we will proceed (how often we will meet, so and so).

Since the weather looked nice, I had dinner with some Russian girls outside the Dining Hall. It was actually cold because the sun didn’t shine on us, but it got okay as I ate and didn’t pay attention to the cold anymore.

I had sauna in the evening. From there, I got to know another Russian girl named Rita. She’s pretty, and friendly, too.

And now I’m trying to finish the exercise and remember some more words. As I thought, during the sauna, the Syrian woman in our class (I think her name is Rolken) told me it was too easy for her, and she hopes they will speed up. Ha ~

Anyway, it’s a good day to get it going. Try your best, Chi!

Rose in the garden. ❤


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