It was a long day.

I had Finnish from 9a.m to 2:40p.m. Does it sound like a lot? I didn’t think it was. Now I know I was totally wrong. After the last break, I think my brain didn’t function anymore. It gave me headache afterwards when I listened to people talking in Finnish elsewhere and tried to understand it. It doesn’t mean I’m going to give up or anything though. I will just try harder. And I hope other people in the class won’t get frustrated and bored with me.

The Film Club was next. After the heavy Finnish class, this class, on the other hand, was relaxing. We discussed our taste in movies in general, then each of us picked one movie we think other people should watch. I picked Brave. It’s not my most favorite movie, but it was what came to my mind at the time. Hopefully we will be able to watch it together, because it’s quite recent and its DVD might not be released in Finland yet. I don’t know. I want to introduce Heavenly Forest, too, but I only have it in my external hard drive. So maybe not.

Since the class ended early, Sofia gave me a ride to the center. We picked up the package which I sent to myself from Valkeakoski, went to the library for me to order the Suomen Mestari book which I used to have but I left it in Valkeakoski, then to Lidl and S also for me to buy food for the weekend. I was really thankful. It would be difficult without her help.

After picking the dogs at Sofia’s grandparents’ house, we rushed back to Lärkkulla so I could have dinner on time. Sofia also helped me to bring the stuffs to my room. How nice of her!

The dinner went by okay. I sat with the Russian as usual. They mostly talked in Russian this time instead of English, which helped me concentrate totally to the meal. I have been trying my best to eat as fast as I can. The obvious result is I cannot talk to anyone while eating. It’s good, maybe.

I moved to the Vietnamese table when I got to dessert. It was already 6p.m so I didn’t stay for long.

Then I went around to look for the post box. Sofia filled the form of informing to change the address for me in the library, so I only had to send it. I didn’t remember which direction she told me to go after going downhill, whether it was right or left. Therefore, it took me exactly a circle around the school main building. Thanks to that, because I was looking for a post box, I realized where our principal Greger lives although I passed by that way many times before. I see the house from my room every morning when I wake up and look out of the window, ha!

Anyway, after nearly a week, I finally managed to send the form to change my address. I couldn’t do it online, weirdly.

And now I just want to lie down and sleep after such a long day, but this is time to do homework. Some more Finnish tomorrow. Fighting, Chi!

Didn’t have time to take any proper photos, so this is a quick shot after arranging new stuffs to the room.

On the side note:

We played a game in the Finnish class today with Maija. Each of us got 2 cards. Base on the questions Maija wrote on the board, we would try to answer those in order to describe what was in the cards for other people to guess. I got a heart and a bandage. Seems suitable.

I thought I could die because of all the pains I took. I had never imagined I could go through such a rough time. How bad it was, the person who gave me all those pains wouldn’t know, wouldn’t understand. But time heals. It does. Even I’m not totally okay now, I will.


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